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Size of the Print (approx.)
11,81 x 17,71in (45x30cm) US$: 290,00
15,74 x 23,62in (60x40cm) US$: 340,00
23,62 x 35,43in (90x60cm) US$: 390,00
laercio de menezes fotografo

Image details:

The Fine Art style into the photography refers to both the photographer's way of approaching and point of view when creating an image and the quality of a photographic enlargement. The light, the angle, the perspective, the composition and the theme chosen has to be in communion in order to sensitize viewpoints and generate extraordinary feelings and sensations .In short, Fine Art print refers to the care of a process of reproducing an image taking into consideration its maximum quality and durability.

In order to provide a degree of exclusivity to our buyers, each Ode Marítima series photo has a limited edition of 15 copies in three different sizes. The value of the artwork increases according to the sale of the editions.

Printing is done on photo paper for Fine Art "Canson Infinity" baryta photo- graphique 310 g / m2. This paper ensures superior quality, image clarity and maximum longevity that meet the highest standards of museum and gallery quality.

Each photograph accompanies the Certificate of Authenticity with the information of the image: title, size, print and artist signature.

Information for different sizes, please email us through our CONTACT area.
The values in the above table do not include the shipping costs, which will be calculated according to the place where the work will be addressed.


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