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About the "Maritime Ode":

"Ode is a poetic composition that arose in ancient Greece, and was sung and accompanied by the lyre, or simply lyrical. Ode, in Greek, means singing. The ode is characterized by high and lofty tone that comes with certain subject".

I started the series project "Maritime Ode" last year, when I purchased a digital camera and two lenses. The initial choice would drive down the northeast coast of Brazil, but at the last moment changed the Chilean coast, chosen for its diversity. I did the script, I rented a car, got out of Santiago de Chile and I went along the coast to the north until Antofagasta city. From there, I flew to the south to Puerto Montt, rented a car again, going down south, to the beautiful island of Chiloé, then began to rise again to the north of Santiago to board the plane home.

I made a total of 5,000 km in 20 days, with a daily average of 250km. Left early and arrived late, tired and satisfied. For another day I had a scheduled script to which I turn.

Chile is a beautiful country and very traditional, or just reminding Brazil of the 70s. I felt very safe, there were no problems during the whole trip, I did alone.

I've always been fascinated by water, sailed my whole adult life until very recently, in addition like to go to the beach in the summer.

It is on the border between land and sea, which made this first series of images that present the portfolio "Maritime Ode - Pacific Ocean".

I visualized this work with images that convey a sense of tranquility, softness and grandeur, almost like an imaginary scenario, with the movement of sea water contrasting with the static stuff in back.



The story behind the image 


 para o NEWS


A friend asked me "where this photo was taken?" Then came the idea of talking about the image and impressions ...

Between Santiago and Antofagasta, on the way, there is the Pan de Azucar National Park, which I saw some pictures on the internet and in my script marked as mandatory stop. This park is located some 30km from a small town called Chañaral.

Between this city and the park, through a coastal road, I noticed a vast desert area with beach quite extensive and wide, marked on the map to return the next day. The next morning, I went to the city to fix the car headlight and coffee. On the way back to the park, I was stopping at various locations with possibilities of good photos. The first was an overview of the city, made from a high point near the beach (photo: Dust in the Wind), where it appears to the beach, the sea, the city and the mountains with traditional Andean dust. Drive slowly, one eye on the carefree highway (nothing happened) and other attention in the landscape after a few photos, I stopped at this huge deserted beach with the edge yonder. The solitude was complete, concentrated, camera on tripod, looking at viewer, looking for the best composition to encompass all that grandeur, I was surprised because suddenly I heard a murmur as the crowd who spoke quickly and whispers, quickly drew the viewer's eye to see what it was, but there was nobody. It was the wind along with the waves lapping in the back which caused these strange sounds, almost like thousands of voices talking at the same time. I heard a long time this strange language to my ears. The human presence has been made with the tracks of chariot wheels in the sand.

I took two photos, with minor modifications as exposure and composition, made a few adjustments in photoshop, resulting in this picture you can see above, with the greatness of the beach, the sea, but "Heaven is Greater".

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