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Born in 1956 in Bagé – State of Rio Grande do Sul – Brasil, lives in Porto Alegre, the State Main City, since 1971, which has the Rio Guaiba sunset as a classical image. A nice city with European influence in its architecture and culture.

Was fascinated by images since his childhood, used to be delighted with the pictures in the history books... and began to wonder, dream and create stories. He made his first photography course in 1981, after that, when he lived in Califórnia, studied Photography in the Orange Coast College, taking advantage of this time to visit photo exhibitions in museums and art galleries, improving your knowledge.

Until now, he made 17 exhibitions, with many subjects: urban themes and abstract, nude, landscapes and documentary photography. Recently with the portfolio that opens this web site, Laércio intends to make a portfolio of images on the Pacific coast in South America, the boundary between the ocean and land, which resulted in this first part of the project Ode Maritime.

Between the years 2003 and 2009 he taught photography at the Universities of Caxias do Sul and Luterana do Brasil, teaching photography in black and white, black and white lab, portraiture, fashion and environmental photography.

Likes to work on specific themes, like an author, allows him to focus in all aspects of the subject, with special attention to regarding the composition and lighting.

It is not always possible to be on the perfect moment, or have the perfect lighting, but it’s possible to photograph what is real and make personal interpretation of an image.

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Dentre as mais de 17 exposições realizadas em diferentes cidades do Brasil, destacam-se:

laercio de menezes fotografo

1991 "Projeto Neve"
Makron Books do Brasil (Casa de Cultura), Rio de Janeiro-RJ

1992 "Projeto Neve"
Instituto Cultural Brasileiro Norte Americano, Porto Alegre-RS

1993 "Coisas de Los Angeles"
Instituto Estadual de Artes Visuais (Casa de Cultura Mario Quintana), Porto Alegre-RS

1994 "Projeto Neve"
Espaço Cultural Banco Central do Brasil, Brasília-DF

1997 "Graffiti of Los Angeles”
Theatro São Pedro, Porto Alegre-RS

1999 "Imagens de um Poema"
Theatro São Pedro, Porto Alegre-RS

2003 - "Transformações" e "Percepções Urbanas”
Gravura Galeria de Arte, Porto Alegre-RS

2008 “Catadores de Papel”
Câmara Municipal de Porto Alegre, Porto Alegre-RS

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